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Ruth Ann Rowan

1954 – 2015

Ruth was the interpreter extraordinaire for MUSE Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir for over 30 years, creating an inclusive experience for MUSE’s hearing impaired audiences and adding immeasurable beauty to MUSE performances. Even sighted people were mesmerized by her as she made signing into inspired performance. She taught deaf students in Cincinnati Public Schools her entire career. With her passion for women’s music, she served for years on the Board of the National Women’s Music Festival. With her partner Marsha Acheson, she adopted a hard-to-place African-American hearing impaired child, Tammy Rowan, and nurtured her into a competent, friendly, communicative woman who lives independently with a full time job at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. With never-ending generosity and a wide open heart, she sponsored large community events at her home, including concerts by out of town women musicians. It was my privilege to attend her Valentine’s Day party in 2015 where she had prepared a huge spread of food for her friends. It was the last time I saw her well. In March she received a diagnosis of stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Her death three months later shocked the community that had loved her so many years and whom she had served so faithfully. At her memorial service at First Unitarian Church, the pews were overflowing and many extra chairs were brought into the sanctuary to assure seats for all. Ruth is one of those people who, when you look up at the stars at night, you think of her twinkling her special love back to earth. She will be sorely missed for a long, long time.

Submitted by Sequoia Powers in 2015.