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Mrs. Edith Roth

Mrs. Edith Roth was my “counter mother”. She was my 4th and 8th grade teacher, a mother to a good friend of mine in school, Marilyn Roth. Marilyn and I double dated as teenagers. We hung out at Mrs. Roth’s home on many occasions during my high school years with our boyfriends. My relationship with my mother at this time was complicated because my boyfriend was Catholic. Mrs. Roth was not judgmental, argumentative and/or difficult. My mother and I have since “processed” those difficult mother/daughter years. I kept in touch with Mrs. Roth on a yearly basis usually at Christmas. She was always so supportive, interested in my life and loving. She died about five years ago. And interestingly enough I knew she was important to me during my high school years, but I hadn’t run into the term “counter mother”, a mother you choose. So she has always been my chosen mother since my teenage years.

Submitted by Diane K. Smith in 2007.