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Monica Roberts

May 4, 1962 – October 5, 2020

Pioneering Transgender Activist and Journalist

Monica Roberts was a founding member of the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition and the author of the TransGriot blog. She created the blog, in part, to “chronicle the history of Black transpeople”. Through TransGriot, Roberts also identified transgender homicide victims in order to tribute the victims. Her coverage of transgender homicides is credited for bringing national attention to the issue. Many of her fellow activists described her as one of the most influential transgender figures nationwide, a journalist whose groundbreaking work transformed the way transgender lives are represented in the media.

“We’re often asked to strip ourselves of our trans identity. What was pioneering about her approach was she was unabashedly trans in her writing and her reporting. There are just so many people who have benefited from her work and her career who may not even know it yet.” - Raquel Willis, colleague

Submitted by our members in 2020.