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Minnie Rhea Carter

My mother “Minnie Rhea” Carter was a beautiful woman in every way. She was a voice major and met my dad singing opera at Missouri Valley College. She raised five children while working full time and devoted her entire life to the church. Mom was the epitome of an outstanding “preacher’s wife”. She was a Deacon, Elder, on various committees including several PNCs, choir director, soloist and much more. When dad served as Kent State Campus Minister, every Sunday evening mom cooked and baked for over 100 students. She loved the “kids” and they loved her.

My folks and younger sister Amy Jo moved to Cincinnati in 1972 when Dad was accepted as the minister at MAPC. My folks served here for 10 years. After Dad retired, he developed Parkinson’s disease. Six years later, they moved to Copeland Oaks Retirement Community, where mom founded and directed the chorale, made lots of friends, sang and soloed into her 90’s. She also founded The Art Committee.

She wanted pictures in all the hallways at Copeland Oaks, and she wanted them to be tasteful and beautiful. That was a significant project for Mom, and her work on it made others very happy.

Mom died at age 97 on July 5, 2016. While she was struggling with many physical obstacles, until the moment she suffered a severe stroke, she was clear minded and perfectly capable of managing her own affairs. My mom was my idol and I miss her more than I could have ever imagined. My mom gave me my voice. And I am forever grateful.

Submitted by Jane Carter in 2016.