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Minnie and Ralph Crawford

Grandparents of Dan Bick.

Minnie and Ralph Crawford were my Grandparents, my mother’s parents. They lived in Vanceburg, KY and every other weekend, growing up, our family would drive down to visit them. Their farm was just down the country road from Thacker’s Chapel. Their faith was a central part of their lives and they were very active in their Church. Many weekends I would go down to the Church with my Grandpa on Saturday afternoon to make sure the heat was on, things were in order and the hymn numbers were up for the next day’s service. I enjoy putting the hymn numbers up here at Mount Auburn, and in those quiet moments before the service begins, I remember back to when he and I did it together all those years ago. He was the head of the choir and I remember fondly how he would sneak in my favorite hymn, every so often. I’d smile, knowing he’d done it just for me. He was kind and loving that way. He was a huge man and towered over many with his strong and sturdy farmer’s frame. My Grandma was a tiny woman in comparison. She managed the churches finances, and would collect the offerings and help maintain the church accounts. They were devoted to their faith, the church and to one another. When we were at the farm with them, I felt safe and loved. You could tell how much they respected and loved one another; they didn’t say much but you could feel it and it showed in the way they treated one another. My Grandma kept a journal. Each year on their anniversary she would write down the previous year’s milestones for the family; weddings, births. After Grandpa died, her entries told of the deep friendship and bond she and my Grandfather shared. She was devoted to her family and that kept her going after Grandpa died but you could tell she missed him sorely. I learned from them what integrity, respect and love looked like, by watching how they lived their lives. I am grateful for those lessons. They are my Saints and I am proud to be their grandson.

Submitted by Dan Bick in 2014.