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Hanna Carp

September 20, 1930 – March 27, 2017

Hanna was born in The Hague, in The Netherlands, in 1930. She met and married her husband, John, in Rijswijk, near Amsterdam. They emigrated to the United in 1957 and became U.S. citizens in 1962.
Hanna and John joined Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church shortly after they arrived in Cincinnati. Hanna became president of the Women’s Association in 1965, and both she and John were involved for decades in Circle 6. Hanna established the Women’s Association Endowment Fund, which continues to provide important annual support to our operating budget, for the building fund, for mission to the wider world, and for an annual contribution to the Llanfair Retirement Community. It is one of Hanna’s legacies that this endowment fund exists to remember the wonderful women of the church.

She was fierce in her loyalty to her family, her church, and the League of Women Voters, which she joined soon after becoming a U.S. citizen. Her first priority for the church’s mission was poverty. She believed that it was a travesty that children were hungry and homeless. She was also an advocate for women’s rights and LGBT rights. On her deathbed, she revealed that one of her regrets was that she couldn’t fight any longer for the abolishment of the death penalty.

Mt. Auburn was the center of Hanna’s social life and we were her family, especially after her husband John died. She loved us, and we loved her. She provided for us in her will and she will be in the hearts of those who knew her forever.

Submitted by Susan Ingmire in 2017.