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Frances Modafferi Lagana

October 15, 1909 – November 28, 2009

Grandmother of Pete Tuff.

My Grandmother had a great outlook in life and gave me complete support and unconditional love from the day I was born until the day she died. In spite of not having the easiest life herself, she always found something to laugh at and to be positive about. She was widowed at age 47 and had to learn to drive and go to work to support herself and worked 6 days a week as a retail clerk until she was 79, only retiring to help take care of her daughter who was dying of cancer. At 80, she left her native NYC and moved to Minnesota to be near her surviving daughter (my mother) and started life all over at an age when most are winding down. She had 8 grandchildren and all of us were able to buy our first homes with seed money she discreetly slipped to each of us. She maintained her own apartment until she died and passed as she wished – in her sleep not in a hospital or nursing home. She was the eldest of 6 daughters and 5 sons and outlived all but 2 of them. The date of her death was the same as her husband’s date of death – her in 2009, him in 1956!

Her humor and outlook on life was inspiring and every day I thank God for the blessing she is in my life.

"Butter up your shoulders, Peter and let the worries just slide off!" -Frances Modafferi Lagana

Submitted by Pete Tuff in 2015.