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Frances and Casimir (nee Franya Balczynski) Bogdan

Paternal grandparents of Bill Bogdan.

My spirituality is rooted in the deep faith professed within the eastern orthodox Catholicism of my grandparents, immigrants from Lithuania and Poland. Arriving in America through Ellis Island, they hoped and dreamed for a life far different from the lives they lived as children in Eastern Europe, a manifestation in their minds of the “milk and honey” that flowed from New York Harbor. What so strongly guided their lives was their shared faith in God. I learned to pray from my grandfather who, on the weekend “stay-overs”, guided the nightly prayers of my two brothers and me. At the end of a busy day on the farm, as we were tucked into our beds, strong, firm hands were laid on your heads as we were blessed for a peaceful night’s sleep under the sign of the Eastern Orthodox Sign of the Cross. And from our grandmother, we learned the daily manifestation of God’s love. Not a day passed without Grandma telling us emphatically that we were the beloved children of God and that our lives were meant for the good of others. Our grandparents, these wonderful saints, were modest, simple folks who served their church, raised their children, guided their grandsons, and gave to their missions from the small resources that they felt were the riches of the world.

They are blessed souls.

Submitted by Bill Bogdan in 2007.