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Effie and John Lindblad

Beloved Parents of Norm Lindblad.

My Mom and Dad, Effie and John Lindblad were Practical Saints and life models for me.

They did not have much money. My Mother worked about half of the time and my Father worked at a dairy delivering milk in Chicago.

My Mother taught me how to wash dishes, make beds, and do the laundry…skills I use to this day.

When I was 16 my Father surprised me one day when he said, “Come get in the car (he called it a machine), I’m going to teach you how to drive!” I hadn’t even asked him about it! When I was 18 he taught me how to drive a milk truck. I was able to deliver milk for three Summers and made enough money to cover most of my college expenses at the University of Illinois.

My parents met at a young adult church camp at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The Swedish Covenant Church was an important part of our lives together. While at the University I began to attend services at the McKinley Foundation and the Presbyterian Church has been an important part of my life for 50 years. In fact I met my wife Judy at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C. 51 years ago this coming April.

Submitted by Norm Lindblad in 2011.