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Dr. Shupang Wang

October 20, 1959 – September 21, 2019

Shuping Wang was a Chinese-American medical researcher and public health whistleblower who revealed the spread of HIV and hepatitis C through contaminated blood in central China during the 1990s and was subsequently targeted by authorities. Her actions potentially saved tens of thousands of lives. In 1992, Wang raised the alarm over cross contamination between unscreened hepatitis-C plasma donors and blood plasma recipients. The Ministry of Health in Beijing began requiring hepatitis C screening for donors in 1993 after Wang spoke out, but she was attacked, lost her job and had her clinic vandalized. Then, in 1995, she uncovered another scandal in which HIV-positive donors were giving blood in many locations. Wang told her superiors to test for HIV in all blood collection stations in Henan province, but was told it would be too costly. Self-funding the test kits, she uncovered an unacceptable rate of HIV-positive cases among donors. Consequently, collection sites across China were shut down and later reopened with HIV testing. In 2001, following harassment by Chinese officials, she moved to the United States, where she worked until her death.

“I didn’t want to sit in the office of the Health Bureau waiting for the arrival of an AIDS epidemic. I wanted to directly monitor it and prevent it.” - Dr. Shupang Wang

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