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Betty Jo Walston Chalk

May 20, 1932 – September 1, 2004

My mother was a child of twelve and the second oldest. As she grew up, she was put into the role of nurturing and caretaking of her many siblings. This nurturing and caretaking became a hallmark of her life. After marriage, she gave birth to five children. She loved her children providing them with all that she had and loved them unconditionally. Although her children weren’t blessed into a family of great resources, my mother always provided her children with a clean home, nourishment each day, and encouragement to achieve their very best.

Many of our clothes, we thought new at the time, were the very best Mom would find from yard sales and such. Also, many Christmas gift were refurbished and polished to look brand new. I never knew this until much later in my adult life.

My mother was the reason I achieved so much in this life. She instilled within me the love of learning; thus helping me to achieve academically which led me into a life of service in public education.
Her service to the public was only truly realized by her family until she passed. Betty Jo, as she was known at the Dearborn County Hospital, worked tirelessly at her job as a nurse’s aide for more than 25 years. It wasn’t until her funeral that so many people came to pay their respects and told countless stories of the care she gave them or to their loved ones. That she stayed by their bedside and held their hand during a time when they needed someone most.

She was more than my mother, she was a best friend. I was privileged to able to travel to many places with my mother during the many years before her passing. I will always be grateful that she was my mother.

Submitted by Dave Chalk in 2013.