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Bertie Mae Williams

Arimel Campbell’s Great Aunt.

I asked my Aunt Bertie Mae Williams how our family made it during the Depression. She told me that she worked for 50¢ a day plus 10¢ car fare. Her brother, Eugene Smith, my grandfather, worked in a hotel in downtown Cincinnati, making $8.00 a week. He told the people that he had a dog and to save the scraps of steak for his dog. My great-grandmother, Georgia Wilson, would make stew and hash out of those scraps of meat. My step-grandmother, Dorothy Smith, told me that when she lived in Lexington, Kentucky, she relied on the kindness of the men that worked on the train. They would push off coal to the ground and her sisters and brothers would pick it up and use it to heat their homes. Thanks Be to God!

Submitted by Arimel Cambell in 2007.