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Anne Feigenbaum

1963 – 2008

Anne was one of the most influential saints in my life; in fact, I often tell people that she saved my life. She was my history teacher at Norwood High School. She was young and beautiful and everyone in the school loved her, but for reasons I will never quite understand she saw me. She reached out to me in one of the darkest points in my life; she saw I was barely keeping my head above the water and she reached out a hand to pull me up from the dark abyss I was sinking into. It was because of her friendship that I learned I had a voice. I learned that I could do anything in life that I set my mind to. I learned that I deserved love and happiness as much as anyone else. She helped me find my smile, something that had been hidden for quite some time. She prepared me for the most beautiful and unbelievable journey…and I had no idea just how wonderful my life would turn out.

She decided to get her Masters degree in counseling, and had a very successful career at Harrison High School helping many other kids just like me find their smiles and their voices.
Anne passed away in June of 2008 at the very young age of 44. But the work she accomplished in those few years will reverberate through the lives of so, so many for years and years to come.

Submitted by Melinda Tarter in 2011.