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What is God Calling You to Do?

How will you answer God’s calling and share your gifts with MAPC?

We have a number of ways you can get involved.  It can be for a one-time project or an ongoing area where you have interest and want to contribute. To learn more, read the following tabs or reach out to our program chairs for information. The committees of the church (and their chairs/Session liaisons) are:

Operations – Eric Burgman
Finance and Stewardship – Sara Bick, Susan Ingmire
Worship – Van Ackerman, Julie Malkin
Education and Spiritual Nurture – Sara Renner
Justice-Seeking – Linda Ford, Sequoia Powers-Griffin
Congregational Engagement – Elizabeth Marsh-Singh, Sandee Ernst
Outreach – Lynn Hailey, Marlene Muse
Personnel – Jeana Lawson, David Simon
Nominations – Pete Tuff, Amy Grady
Please contact any of these people or Stacey or Rebekah if you have questions about the Session, Deacons, or Committees of MAPC.


Responsible for the administration, managing, maintaining and improving our historic church buildings and grounds. Volunteer opportunities include regular workdays to help keep our sanctuary, facilities and grounds refreshed and up to date. 

Education and Spiritual Nurture
Plans and develops programs to enrich the educational and spiritual growth of the church. Activities include Encounters, our adult education program; book clubs, special mediation experiences and other activities. 
Justice Seeking
We keep our congregation informed, engaged and active on current community issues where we can make a difference.  We also collectively decide where to direct benevolence giving dollars. In 2021, we are working on racial equity, immigrant and refugee support, actions to eliminate the death penalty in Ohio, LGBTQ support, fair districts in Ohio, and affordable housing in city neighborhoods.
We create an artful, spiritual, and meaningful worship experiences.  We seek to engage our members in diverse ways through drama and visual aids to our worship. We welcome all who want to share their spiritual and creative gifts to participate in shaping our Sunday morning experience as well as holidays.
We are strengthened by the relationships we have with one another and others and in bringing our energy, hope, faith and voice to issues where we can make a difference.  The Outreach committee has two areas of focus right now – racial justice working with the Racial Justice Task Force of the Presbytery and Repealing the Death penalty, working with a state-wide coalition of faith leaders. If you are interested in learning more and how you can get involved on either of these issues contact Lynn Hailey at [email protected] 
Finance & Stewardship
Develop and report budget to session; lead development and execution of annual stewardship campaign, address financial issues of the church. 
Establishes and updates personnel procedures, conducts staff performance reviews and makes recommendations regarding staff compensation and benefits. Works closely with Pastor, who is head of staff. 
Identify and recruit members who hear the call to serve on the Board of Deacons, Session and as Treasurer.  This is one of the few committees that is appointed by election of church members.  
Congregational Engagement

We provide safe ways for our congregation to stay engaged with the church, with church members, and most of all with God.  During this period of COVID we gather on Zoom, teaching one another new recipes, playing trivia games, and come together for a shoulder to lean on when needed. We are looking forward to safe and fun outdoor gatherings as the weather warms. Corn hole matches, fun walks through the city, and picnics are to come.

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