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Dear friends,
Last night, the Session of MAPC met (virtually, of course) to make some decisions about our continued response to COVID-19. Informed by Gov. DeWine’s stay-at-home directive and the latest updates from doctors and scientists, we have decided to continue holding worship and other gatherings online for the next three weeks, and reevaluate after Easter.
Yes, that means we will be worshipping online for Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter. Yes, that may feel very strange and rather disconnected. But during the original Holy Week, the disciples scattered in fear, and on the first Easter, they were hidden away in a room, grieving and wondering what their lives would become, whether they were even safe. This is not the first time Christians have worshipped in isolation. With the benefit of technology, we will remember Jesus’ trials and death, and find hope in the resurrection. And when the restrictions are lifted and we are able to gather in person again, we will roll away our stones, crawl out of our entombment, and celebrate with true Easter joy – no matter the date.
For the time being, we will postpone Communion with the hope of celebrating it in person in the near future.
As long as we are worshipping online, you can catch our livestream on Facebook (this is where you will get the best video quality, especially for music, and you don’t need to have a Facebook account) or on the Zoom Worship and Coffee Hour Room. If you or someone you know would prefer to connect by phone, please let me know and I’ll provide a call-in number.
You can also connect during the week on our Brown Bag and Bible study on Tuesdays at noon, and our Lenten Supper Check-in on Thursdays at 6pm. As always, if you have any needs during this time, your deacons, a number of volunteers, and your pastor stand ready to help; just email or call.
Grace and peace,
Rev. Stacey Midge
Pastor, Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church
518-533-8000 (cell)
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