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As we move toward the launch of the Investing in a Just Future initiative, Judy Lindblad and Valerie Bernardino have been enlisted to help us support the effort in prayer and nurture our prayer practices beyond this particular event in the ministry of MAPC. They’ve written this entry to introduce us to the book and basic prayer method they are encouraging for congregational use. 

HELP, THANKS, WOW: The 3 Essential Prayers
by outspoken author Anne Lamott

This is our first Blog ever!  It has come about because a couple months ago Valerie Bernardino and Judy Lindblad were asked to co-chair a Prayer Team related to empowering MAPC’s next years of service.

First we said, “Why us? Then HELP! And where is that little book by Anne Lamott?

Since both of us had moved recently we were relieved to locate our copies – THANKS!

Then we re-read her wisdom on prayer and living faithful lives in these times and exclaimed, WOW!

The book has turned out to be a lifesaver and talisman of courage for us in just 102 pages over the past two months!  Anne’s “short list” of essential prayers and descriptions of real life situations in accessible prose have reassured us and strengthened our prayer lives. She describes life as it is, and her own struggles with it are frank.

We are suggesting that HELP, THANKS, WOW be considered as a companion on our journey toward a Just Future.  It is especially well suited for these times and the tasks we are are undertaking.  Each person will have their own takes…and though her experiences may differ from ours, they often bring to mind similar ones in our lives. We invite you to read and dialogue with these new or familiar prayer practices.

~ Valerie and Judy

As we begin Investing in a Just Future together, you are invited to join us in praying for God’s help as we identify the needs of the Church, the city, and the creation, and try to do our part in meeting them using the resources we have been generously given.

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