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Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

What do people wear for services?

People come to Mt. Auburn dressed in a variety of ways. We don’t expect to see suits and ties or dresses and heels. If you’re a t-shirts and jeans person you will feel right at home. However, if  dressing your best to worship God feels like the right thing to do, you won’t be discouraged. We’re a “come as you are” type of church.

What programs do you offer for children and teens?”

Our programs are always expanding and developing to offer quality Christian Education programs for children to adults. On Sundays, children participate in worship, including a message just for them, and then go to their own space for Godly Play, where they encounter biblical stories in age-appropriate activities. Teens of Mt. Auburn (TOMA) offers opportunities for youth to gather, learn, and serve. We also offer many opportunities for fellowship and learning across generations.

Am I welcome to participate in the communion service?

Yes! At Mt. Auburn Presbyterian, we practice the radical hospitality of Jesus Christ. Our communion table is open to all, and by “all” we mean everyone regardless of . . . well, anything. If you breathe, you are welcome to share in the joyous celebration that is Christ’s gift to us.

You may also want to know that we serve communion by “intinction”. This means that people come forward if able and tear off a piece of bread – gluten free if you prefer – and then dip it in the cup of wine (it’s actually grape juice), then eat it. We’re usually singing a joyful song when we do it. If coming forward isn’t possible, that’s okay; the communion servers will come to you.

Is there a social time/coffee time before or after the service?

Everyone is welcome to come after the worship service to coffee hour in the Social Hall, where we serve up fellowship and refreshments every Sunday.

What type of worship do you have and what is the music like?

Our worship service is somewhat of a mix of contemporary and traditional. While we follow an Order of Worship each week, and read from Scripture, the sermons are contemporary and timely. The music we sing and hear during worship is a blend of traditional compositions, both spiritual and classical, as well as many pieces of world music from Africa or South America. Our Chancel Choir or Handbell Choir are usually on hand (except during the summer months) to add to our worship of God. Despite our traditions, there is frequently a surprise or something special – a drama or staged reading, guest musicians. You never know what may happen.

What would I find going on in your church on any given Sunday?

Every Sunday morning (except during the summer months) before the worship service, the Encounters program meets for classes that help nurture both faith and fellowship. Then we hold our worship service, which usually lasts about an hour. After that, we gather for coffee time so we can greet our visitors, catch up with one another, and maybe sign up for an upcoming service opportunity.

If I am interested in membership, what should I do? What must I believe to become a member?

Once you’ve been attending Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church for a little while, you may become interested in membership. If so, our Membership Committee would like to hear from you. They hold New Member classes at least twice each year to provide instruction about our denomination, our congregation, and opportunities available for service and learning. You aren’t obligated to join our church after attending these classes. You can attend if you would just like to learn more.

You don’t have to have been a Presbyterian before in order to join. Our members come from a variety of faith backgrounds. Membership at Mt. Auburn is a commitment to following the ways of Jesus by participating in a community that cares for one another, works for peace, strives for justice, and seeks to create wholeness for humanity. It is not a proclamation of a particular creed or dogma, but a willingness to join our community on a journey of faith.

Are there Bible Studies or groups I can get connected with to get to know people?

Our Sunday morning Encounters series and our social activities are good opportunities for additional interaction with members. We also have a variety of Bible studies, book groups, and service opportunities. Check our bulletin for announcements that may be of interest, or contact the pastor to ask about what activities might be a great fit for you.

What version of the Bible do you use?

In the pews, you’ll find copies of the New Revised Standard Version. However, when we read scripture during the worship service, we draw on a variety of different versions of the Bible depending on which one helps to illuminate the message in Scripture best. It’s important to us that people can relate to what the Bible is saying, so we strive for clarity. We make use of “inclusive language” in referring to God, choosing words that reflect our understanding that all names for God are metaphors. While we usually sing in the traditional language of the church, we seek to use a multitude of God’s many names in liturgy. “Mother”, “Father”, “Parent”, “Creator”, “Spirit of Life”, “Sovereign One”, are just some of the ways we refer to God.

Is there a wide range of ages in the congregation?

Yes! Our congregation consists of people of all ages. Every Sunday, our worship service includes a “Moment with the Youngest Disciples,” during which our pastor shares a brief story and prayer with our children. You never know what to expect during their interaction! Some of our members are “long-timers” who have been coming to Mount Auburn for decades. There is also a generous mix of young parents, singles, couples, and students from UC. We see ourselves as an ever-widening family with room for everyone.

How do I join the choir? Handbells?

If you’re interested in singing in the choir or participating in the handbell choir, just tug on the sleeve of Chris Miller, our Director of Music Ministry, and let him know. He’ll be happy to have you join us at choir practice. Or you can just show up at practice. Thursday evenings (except during the summer months) is when both choirs rehearse; Handbells practice at 6:30pm for an hour; the Chancel Choir gathers at 7:30pm for about 90 minutes.

What is your position on inclusion of LGBTQ people?

MAPC has a long history of full inclusion of LGBTQ people in the life and ministry of the church, and worked toward open ordination and marriage in the PC(USA). Read some of our supporting documents here:

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