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Dear friends of MAPC,

In the interest of containing COVID-19, state and local authorities have declared a state of emergency and are urging cancelation of non-essential gatherings. Physical togetherness is an important part of Christian faith and our Sunday worship is a significant way we connect with one another. However, in light of the newest information available about this pandemic, it’s also important that we take a wise and measured approach to prevent community spread of the virus.

The Session of MAPC has voted to hold the worship service for Sunday, March 15 online via Zoom and Facebook.

On Sunday at 11:00am, Pastor Stacey, Chris Miller, and Earl Apel will be in the sanctuary. If you show up you will be welcomed, but worship will be streamed and the primary participation will happen online.

To connect to worship on Sunday, you can either watch on our Facebook page (you do NOT need to have a Facebook account to watch) or participate on Zoom, a web-conferencing service that will allow us to see and talk to each other – and perhaps even sing together! Just click on the links (the underlined phrases) above to join. If you’re uncertain about this, please talk to Pastor Stacey before Sunday and she will help you get connected.

Want to use Zoom but not sure how to do it? Click on one of these links to join our practice calls:
Thursday (tonight) from 5-6pm: https://zoom.us/j/805065026

Friday at noon: https://zoom.us/j/202638963

Saturday at 2pm: https://zoom.us/j/657731148

If you are homebound and need assistance running errands or getting food, please call or email your deacon or Pastor Stacey so we can make arrangements for you to get the necessities and support you need. While we may be physically isolated, we will do everything possible to care for one another and maintain emotional and spiritual connection over the phone and internet.

We take these precautions not out of panic, but out of a sense of responsibility for our community and the world beyond. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or simply need someone to talk to during what may be an anxiety producing time.

Grace and peace,

The MAPC Session and Pastor Stacey Midge
[email protected]

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