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Meet Our New Resident Caretaker!

Dan Davidson is originally from the West Chester/ Hamilton area & is a graduate of U.C./ CCM in Acting/ Theatre. His travels have taken him all over the country and the world with Educational Theatre, Film/ Commercial work in front of/ behind Cameras, and many...

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150th Anniversary Celebration!

McAplin Memorial Window    Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church has been a spiritual home for so many who have walked through its doors. you hold a special place in our hearts and our history.   We invite you to celebrate our 150 years as a faith community....

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Meet Our Intern

MAPC is delighted to host our summer intern, Angelita Tomaselli. In the next several weeks, she will be helping out with pastoral duties, learning about the church, leading worship, and preaching twice. Here you can get to know her a bit, and we hope you...

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Spring Cleaning

As I looked around this morning, I realized that I absolutely must clean my office. I have to admit to you, that’s not something that happens very often. I can handle a certain amount of messiness in my life. It’s not that I necessarily like the clutter, but I have...

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