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Help, Thanks, Wow!

As we move toward the launch of the Investing in a Just Future initiative, Judy Lindblad and Valerie Bernardino have been enlisted to help us support the effort in prayer and nurture our prayer practices beyond this particular event in the ministry of MAPC. They’ve written this entry to introduce us to the book and basic prayer method they are encouraging for congregational use. 

HELP, THANKS, WOW: The 3 Essential Prayers
by outspoken author Anne Lamott

This is our first Blog ever!  It has come about because a couple months ago Valerie Bernardino and Judy Lindblad were asked to co-chair a Prayer Team related to empowering MAPC’s next years of service.

First we said, “Why us? Then HELP! And where is that little book by Anne Lamott?

Since both of us had moved recently we were relieved to locate our copies – THANKS!

Then we re-read her wisdom on prayer and living faithful lives in these times and exclaimed, WOW!

The book has turned out to be a lifesaver and talisman of courage for us in just 102 pages over the past two months!  Anne’s “short list” of essential prayers and descriptions of real life situations in accessible prose have reassured us and strengthened our prayer lives. She describes life as it is, and her own struggles with it are frank.

We are suggesting that HELP, THANKS, WOW be considered as a companion on our journey toward a Just Future.  It is especially well suited for these times and the tasks we are are undertaking.  Each person will have their own takes…and though her experiences may differ from ours, they often bring to mind similar ones in our lives. We invite you to read and dialogue with these new or familiar prayer practices.

~ Valerie and Judy

As we begin Investing in a Just Future together, you are invited to join us in praying for God’s help as we identify the needs of the Church, the city, and the creation, and try to do our part in meeting them using the resources we have been generously given.

Meet Our New Resident Caretaker!

Dan Davidson is originally from the West Chester/ Hamilton area & is a graduate of U.C./ CCM in Acting/ Theatre. His travels have taken him all over the country and the world with Educational Theatre, Film/ Commercial work in front of/ behind Cameras, and many other Creative pursuits including his Cartoon Clownfish personae, Sparkle Leigh! A queer artist & advocate that was known as a PFLAG Ambassador in Seattle, WA, he is so excited to be a part of such a loving, inclusive, and inspiring group of people here at MAPC! Please feel free to check out his website: www.thedandavidson.com. 

Please take a moment to help Dan feel welcome here at MAPC and to thank him for the great work he is already doing!

Seeking Christian Education Program Director

Christian Education Program Coordinator
Preschool-Grade 6

In conjunction with the MAPC Progressive Education Community and accountable to the Pastor, the Program Coordinator for Christian Education will implement educational programming for children from preschool through grade 6. Primary responsibilities will be in implementing Godly Play, the Montessori-based curriculum used with younger children (preschool through grade 3) through leading classes as well as supporting volunteer teachers and/or helpers. The Program Coordinator will also assist in the development and implementation of programs for children in grades 4-6.

Specific responsibilities will include

  • Program leadership for younger children (preschool through grade 3) using the Godly Play curriculum
    • Lead Godly Play class on Sunday mornings (during worship)
    • Organize and maintain Godly Play materials
    • Maintain roster of trained volunteer teacher to serve as substitutes
    • Schedule and manage volunteers
    • Participate in training volunteers as needed
  • Program support for older children (grades 4-6)
    • In collaboration with Pastor, Progressive Education Community members, and other church members, plan Christian Education programming for children grades 4 – 6
    • Train and support volunteer teachers/mentors
  • Be present on Sundays 9am – 1pm
  • Evaluate programs annually


  • Commitment to the spiritual development of young children within a progressive theological framework
  • Experience working with young children in an educational setting
  • Familiarity with Godly Play curriculum  and formal training as a Christian Educator preferred

Time commitment for this position is approximately 7 hours per week during the school year (September – May) and will include about 4 hours on Sundays and meetings and coordination time with the Pastor and Progressive Education Community at other times.

Suggested compensation (for Personnel Committee’s review): $5,040 annually

$20.00 X 7 hours per week X 36 weeks (September through May, with some holidays excluded, e.g. Christmas/winter break)


Seeking Resident Caretaker

MAPC is seeking a new Resident Caretaker!

Overall Job Description

The Resident Caretaker lives on-site in a two-bedroom apartment with utilities included. This position requires consistent presence on Sundays from 8am-1pm and varied availability for special events on evenings and weekends. The Resident Caretaker provides daily on-site supervision of the building including:

  • Managing access and securing of facility for church services, committee meetings, special events, and designated group activities.
  • Facilitating access for outside contract services and caring for the general safety and appearance of the property.
  • Acting as a point of contact for space sharers and emergency services.

The salary for this position is $200/month.


Successful applicants will be dependable and organized, and have excellent communication skills and the ability to work with staff, congregation members, and visitors in a courteous and respectful manner. The Resident Caretaker must be able to climb one flight of stairs to the apartment and lift up to 25 lbs.


The Resident Caretaker reports directly to the Pastor as head of staff. Additional coordination and feedback will come from the Administrator and the Building and Grounds Committee.  

Specific Job Duties

Provide consistent attendance and punctuality on Sundays from 8:00am-1:00pm and during special events to accomplish the following:

  • Open and close building in accordance with the schedule and in communication with staff, specifically the Pastor and Administrative Manager, and church members and committees.
  • Attend Building and Grounds Committee (B&G) meetings monthly, and staff meetings as necessary.
  • Complete seasonally appropriate care for the grounds (mowing, raking, shoveling).

    General Tasks
  1. Engage with space sharers and respond to needs.
  2. Arrange access for maintenance contractors (e.g., mowing and lawn services, cleaning, routine building maintenance).
  3. Be available for emergencies on site or by cell phone to respond to police and fire reports.  
  4. Respond to any alarms set off in the building per training. 
  5. Order and maintain inventory of needed supplies.

Additionally, provide adequate notice of personal and vacation leave time to Pastor and Administrator and arrange substitute caretaker to complete job functions.

Please send a letter of interest to [email protected] to apply.


Meet Our Intern

MAPC is delighted to host our summer intern, Angelita Tomaselli. In the next several weeks, she will be helping out with pastoral duties, learning about the church, leading worship, and preaching twice. Here you can get to know her a bit, and we hope you will welcome her in person soon!


My name is Angelita and I’m 32 years old. I live in Rome, even though I was born in the South of Italy in a city called Reggio Calabria.

I earned a Bachelor and a Master in Classics in the Faculty of Literature and Philosophy of Messina in Sicily. I wrote my thesis in Roman History focusing on Emperor Constantine religious legislation in the perspective of the relationships between Church and State, Christianity and paganism. I’m also a reporter with experience in broadcast journalism in particular.

I’m a member of the Evangelical Waldensian Church, which is a Protestant Reformed Church in Italy and I study Theology at the Waldensian Faculty of Theology in Rome as I want to be a pastor.

I was used to be the Chairperson of the Church Council of the congregation I belong to, the Waldensian church of Forano, a small village not so far from Rome. I’m the director of the Youth Choir of the congregation. I like feeling involved in church life and activities, I like offering my godsends to the church.

On an international level, I’m the Chairperson of the Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe, whose office is located in Brussels. As a Christian youth organisation, EYCE works on an entirely ecumenical basis and it wants to encourage Churches and Christian youth movements in Europe to strive towards the unity of all Christians working together despite of different denominational viewpoints.  

My main theological interests are ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, investigated especially from an international perspective. I’m responsible of interreligious dialogue area for my organisation.

In my local context, I’m also used to work in intercultural congregations, especially with the African ones.

I learned a lot in terms of “being church together” from a theological and ecclesiological point of view as my religious tradition, the Waldensian one, put a lot of effort in working in this field and developing new projects among congregations themselves on a spiritual point of view.

I’m so happy to do this internship in MAPC and I’m really looking forward to  meeting all of you!