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100 Days of School

100 Days of School

Submitted by Deb Carle, one of our members who volunteers regularly at Taft School in our partnership with Emma Quillin’s second grade class. Thanks to all of our volunteers and those who donate supplies to support Ms. Quillin and her students!

Last Wednesday was the “100 days of school” day in Emma Quillin’s second grade at Taft Elementary. Elementary school classes all over the country were celebrating this yearly milestone. The kids were excited esp. because they get a snack of a 100 things!

As they rotated around the room during reading groups, all their work revolved around 100. Write 100 words – they groaned.
With me, they worked on a worksheet.
If You had a $100, what would you do? Buy a hoverboard was a common answer. Save, it a few said. Buy Miss Quillin a puppy, one said. Buy a Lamborghini – how do you spell that?
I wish I had a 100 . . . . video games.
I could eat a 100 Big Macs, pieces of popcorn, sweets, donuts, barbecue chicken . . .
It was fun to engage with them as they did this fun activity. And yet underneath I know many of them struggle with such serious problems like homelessness, abandonment, hunger and neglect to name a few. These are issues that mostly sit right below the surface but break through sometimes. I observe the seven year old boy who last week was friendly and interested but this week sits with his head in his arms on the table the whole time being very silent. And I watch the little guy whose anger bubbles forth and keeps him from getting what he needs at school everyday. And others, of course.
I praise this celebration of a 100 days of school that provided them with fun and learning and everyday normalcy! Thank goodness for their teacher, Miss Quillin!