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Further Update on Coronavirus Response

Dear friends of MAPC,

In the interest of containing COVID-19, state and local authorities have declared a state of emergency and are urging cancelation of non-essential gatherings. Physical togetherness is an important part of Christian faith and our Sunday worship is a significant way we connect with one another. However, in light of the newest information available about this pandemic, it’s also important that we take a wise and measured approach to prevent community spread of the virus.

The Session of MAPC has voted to hold the worship service for Sunday, March 15 online via Zoom and Facebook.

On Sunday at 11:00am, Pastor Stacey, Chris Miller, and Earl Apel will be in the sanctuary. If you show up you will be welcomed, but worship will be streamed and the primary participation will happen online.

To connect to worship on Sunday, you can either watch on our Facebook page (you do NOT need to have a Facebook account to watch) or participate on Zoom, a web-conferencing service that will allow us to see and talk to each other – and perhaps even sing together! Just click on the links (the underlined phrases) above to join. If you’re uncertain about this, please talk to Pastor Stacey before Sunday and she will help you get connected.

Want to use Zoom but not sure how to do it? Click on one of these links to join our practice calls:
Thursday (tonight) from 5-6pm: https://zoom.us/j/805065026

Friday at noon: https://zoom.us/j/202638963

Saturday at 2pm: https://zoom.us/j/657731148

If you are homebound and need assistance running errands or getting food, please call or email your deacon or Pastor Stacey so we can make arrangements for you to get the necessities and support you need. While we may be physically isolated, we will do everything possible to care for one another and maintain emotional and spiritual connection over the phone and internet.

We take these precautions not out of panic, but out of a sense of responsibility for our community and the world beyond. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or simply need someone to talk to during what may be an anxiety producing time.

Grace and peace,

The MAPC Session and Pastor Stacey Midge
[email protected]

Prayer Stations from the Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Prayer Stations from the Baptism of the Lord Sunday

Station 1: CLEANSED

Scripture: “And when Jesus had been baptized, just as he came up from the water, suddenly the heavens were opened to him and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him.” ~ Matthew 3:16

Reflective Prayer: What does water do? How is it important to you personally? One of the ways we use water is for washing. In Christian faith, it is a symbol of washing away the things that keep us from being who God created us to be. What do you want cleansed from your life, to allow you to thrive in God’s love?

Active Prayer: Dip your hands into the bowl of water as a sign of God’s cleansing, tender as a parent washing an infant. Dry your hands on the towels. Take a clear stone as a reminder of the Living Water that makes us clean and embraces us in baptism.


Station 2: EMBRACED

Scripture: “And a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my Son, the Beloved, with whom I am well pleased.” ~ Matthew 3:17

Reflective Prayer: Who are you? What gifts do you bring to this congregation, to the wider community, to the world? At Jesus’ baptism, God called him “Beloved.” What names does God call you? 

Active Prayer: Listen for who God says you are. Using the paper and pens provided, write down one or more of these names, and tuck it into the bundle of branches, so that all of our identities and gifts may be woven together. 



Scripture: “Here is my servant, whom I uphold, my chosen, in whom my soul delights; I have put my spirit upon them to bring forth justice to the nations.” ~ Isaiah 42:1

Reflective Prayer: How is your faith balanced as part of your whole being – intellectual, emotional, physical – all moving together? How would you describe your faith? Is it fresh or well-worn? Resilient? Think of three words that describe your faith today as it emerges and renews.

Active Prayer: Choose one of your three words and use the letter tiles to add it to the words of faith matrix. None of our journeys are the same, but they intersect and cooperate for the common good.


Station 4: INVITED  

Scripture: “I am the Holy One, I have called you in righteousness, I have taken you by the hand and kept you; I have given you as a covenant to the people, a light to the nations.” ~ Isaiah 42:6 

Reflective Prayer: Who are you becoming? How are you growing, or where do you anticipate growth? Where are you led? Where is God calling you to serve? Listen for God’s invitation into what is next for you. 

Active Prayer: On one of the paper leaves provided, fill in this blank: “In my church, relationships, community, and/or world, God is inviting me to ______________.” Use a ribbon to attach your leaf to the tree branch. We are all growing together into the future God has for us!

Station 5: CONNECTED

Reflective Prayer:
As we are cleansed from all that keeps us from
our God-created, thriving selves,
As we are embraced for all we are
and all we will become,
As we are integrated into a faith that impacts
all of who we are and all of what we do,
As we are invited to imagine God’s future for us,
We hold each other in prayer as partners,
siblings, members of one body.

Active Prayer:
If you have someone’s prayer rock at home,
Spend a moment holding them in your prayers.
If you have brought in a rock, exchange it for another.
If you never had a rock, take one now!
Consider the name on the rock you’ve chosen.
Ask God to help this person feel the Spirit’s presence,
Cleansing, embracing, integrating,
inviting, and connecting them,
To God, to the community of faith, and to the world. 




Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition Interfaith March

Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition Interfaith March

Join the Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition of Cincinnati for an interfaith march, prayer service, and program for MLK Jr. Day on Monday, January 21. You can participate at 10am at the Freedom Center, 11am at Fountain Square, 12pm at Music Hall, or any of the above. Pastor Stacey will be offering a prayer during the service at Fountain Square. Get more information at https://mlkcoalition.org/about/






150th Anniversary Art Exhibition Call for Submissions

150th Anniversary Art Exhibition Call for Submissions

Every member and friend of MAPC is encouraged to submit one piece of work on the theme of the Fruits of the Spirit. Where do you see the Spirit in everyday life? This exhibition is for the artist in all of us, as we celebrate 150 years of MAPC ministry, and will be displayed from October 6 – December 28, 2018.

Acceptable media include sculpture, ceramics, pottery, drawing, painting, graphic art, photography, poetry, and music. All work must be ready for display: framed and wired for hanging if two dimensional, or with a pedestal or hanging apparatus if three dimensional. For further information on the exhibit or to register your piece, please contact Nan Costello at [email protected]

Seeking Christian Education Program Director

Christian Education Program Coordinator
Preschool-Grade 6

In conjunction with the MAPC Progressive Education Community and accountable to the Pastor, the Program Coordinator for Christian Education will implement educational programming for children from preschool through grade 6. Primary responsibilities will be in implementing Godly Play, the Montessori-based curriculum used with younger children (preschool through grade 3) through leading classes as well as supporting volunteer teachers and/or helpers. The Program Coordinator will also assist in the development and implementation of programs for children in grades 4-6.

Specific responsibilities will include

  • Program leadership for younger children (preschool through grade 3) using the Godly Play curriculum
    • Lead Godly Play class on Sunday mornings (during worship)
    • Organize and maintain Godly Play materials
    • Maintain roster of trained volunteer teacher to serve as substitutes
    • Schedule and manage volunteers
    • Participate in training volunteers as needed
  • Program support for older children (grades 4-6)
    • In collaboration with Pastor, Progressive Education Community members, and other church members, plan Christian Education programming for children grades 4 – 6
    • Train and support volunteer teachers/mentors
  • Be present on Sundays 9am – 1pm
  • Evaluate programs annually


  • Commitment to the spiritual development of young children within a progressive theological framework
  • Experience working with young children in an educational setting
  • Familiarity with Godly Play curriculum  and formal training as a Christian Educator preferred

Time commitment for this position is approximately 7 hours per week during the school year (September – May) and will include about 4 hours on Sundays and meetings and coordination time with the Pastor and Progressive Education Community at other times.

Suggested compensation (for Personnel Committee’s review): $5,040 annually

$20.00 X 7 hours per week X 36 weeks (September through May, with some holidays excluded, e.g. Christmas/winter break)


Seeking Resident Caretaker

MAPC is seeking a new Resident Caretaker!

Overall Job Description

The Resident Caretaker lives on-site in a two-bedroom apartment with utilities included. This position requires consistent presence on Sundays from 8am-1pm and varied availability for special events on evenings and weekends. The Resident Caretaker provides daily on-site supervision of the building including:

  • Managing access and securing of facility for church services, committee meetings, special events, and designated group activities.
  • Facilitating access for outside contract services and caring for the general safety and appearance of the property.
  • Acting as a point of contact for space sharers and emergency services.

The salary for this position is $200/month.


Successful applicants will be dependable and organized, and have excellent communication skills and the ability to work with staff, congregation members, and visitors in a courteous and respectful manner. The Resident Caretaker must be able to climb one flight of stairs to the apartment and lift up to 25 lbs.


The Resident Caretaker reports directly to the Pastor as head of staff. Additional coordination and feedback will come from the Administrator and the Building and Grounds Committee.  

Specific Job Duties

Provide consistent attendance and punctuality on Sundays from 8:00am-1:00pm and during special events to accomplish the following:

  • Open and close building in accordance with the schedule and in communication with staff, specifically the Pastor and Administrative Manager, and church members and committees.
  • Attend Building and Grounds Committee (B&G) meetings monthly, and staff meetings as necessary.
  • Complete seasonally appropriate care for the grounds (mowing, raking, shoveling).

    General Tasks
  1. Engage with space sharers and respond to needs.
  2. Arrange access for maintenance contractors (e.g., mowing and lawn services, cleaning, routine building maintenance).
  3. Be available for emergencies on site or by cell phone to respond to police and fire reports.  
  4. Respond to any alarms set off in the building per training. 
  5. Order and maintain inventory of needed supplies.

Additionally, provide adequate notice of personal and vacation leave time to Pastor and Administrator and arrange substitute caretaker to complete job functions.

Please send a letter of interest to [email protected] to apply.