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message from mount auburn presbyterian church
Welcome to Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church on the web!

We are delighted you are interested in the life and ministry of this congregation, and hope that what you find here will entice you to visit us in person – for the hospitality and witness of Mount Auburn must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

There are lots of reasons for checking out church web sites.

You may have been a part of a church at one time, but no longer feel welcome in that church.  You long for a place where you can worship God without pretending to be someone other than who you really are.  You may want to attend worship with your life partner (whether your relationship is heterosexual or homosexual) and thank God for the gift of love in your life together.

You are looking for a place to belong.

You may have questions and doubts and concerns about doctrines espoused by the church you attended and you are more uncomfortable with certainty than you are with questions.  You would like not to have to check your brain at the door before entering.

You may have never been a part of a church and are curious about community.

You may have heard of that radical fellow, Jesus, and would like to be a part of a congregation that seeks to follow him in his justice-seeking ministry of compassion.  You may even suspect that Jesus was a liberal.

You believe in your heart that the purpose of the church is transformation, and that appeals to you.

You see an interconnectedness in all things and are interested in exploring those connections.

You want your life to have a purpose and to make a difference.

You would like to find a place where you can contribute to the greater good – where your unique gifts will be received.

You like the arts, good music, creativity, and would like to experience those in a worship service.

If any of those are true of you, then we encourage you to visit Mount Auburn.  Let us embrace you with the joy we have found in serving a God of love and grace.

It’s the communion table that is central at Mount Auburn Presbyterian.  All who come to the table, longing to dine with Jesus, are welcome.  And when we say ‘all’ we do mean ‘all.’

We like to think of ourselves as family here - but we will remind you of that family in your neighborhood where everyone always gathered to ‘hang out.’ Just like Jesus and the early church pushed the envelope in terms of who was ‘in’ and who was ‘out’ – we see ourselves as those who like to make the circle larger.

Don’t take my word for it.  Come and test this welcome.  Come hang out at Mount Auburn for a while. 

You are welcome – whether it is for a day or for a life time!

Former Pastor, The Reverend Susan Quinn Bryan