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guiding vision

Inspired by the Great Creator who provides and cherishes all things, challenged by the life and lessons of Jesus Christ, and transformed by the Spirit, we envision Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church as a place where:

We proclaim the extravagant welcome of Christ.
In a divided and disconnected world, we are a bridge that brings people together, responding to a deep longing to be in communion with all God’s people. We practice heroic hospitality, exemplified by our open communion table, where all may come to eat and drink, and our open membership, which welcomes all.   We build bridges between cultures, among people of different faith traditions, to those in need, and to those who have been ostracized, wounded, or lost on their faith journeys.  In a spirit of reconciliation, we look for opportunities to be more deeply connected to our brothers and sisters in Christ, to find common ground in spite of the barriers and fears that may separate us. We are proud to be part of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and its work in the world.  

God’s boundless love is the model for the way we serve.
We take seriously God’s two greatest commandments:  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind,” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  This love calls us to work for peace and justice—to serve those who experience hunger, poverty, homelessness, and discrimination, and to address the systems in our society that have marginalized so many. We are called to speak truth to power, and we respond boldly.   Our service extends to those in need in our own backyard and around the globe.  As a church family, we are blest by the ties that bind, celebrating with one another in times of joy, supporting each other in times of challenge, nurturing “beyond coffee hour” relationships that embrace everyone, from the youngest member to the oldest. When we stumble on challenges in our life together as a faith community, we ask the question:  “What would LOVE do?”

In worship, work, and fellowship, we are guided by joy.
We celebrate our individual and collective intellect and imagination. We glory in a life-affirming passion for the arts and their transcendent power to lift our spirits and touch our souls. Most especially, we joyfully praise God with our music, with melodic voices and harmonious instruments, with Alleluias and Amens.   We respect and value the stirring architecture of our church home; we work to maintain its beauty and integrity and we look for ways to share it with the larger community. We take great pleasure in sharing meals together and with others, thankful for this abundance in our lives. Our members’ gifts and talents present countless creative possibilities when we play together and pray together.

We are fearless, expansive, and hopeful, humbled by the knowledge that our vision is not our own, but God’s will for us.  We openly share our dreams and talents with the world, even when such dreams may be unwelcomed by others.  We are not afraid to rock the boat, to roll up our sleeves in the face of conflict, and to do what is right and just.  We delight in the journey, faithful and questioning, hand in hand, heart to heart, as we soar together toward the kin-dom of God, where ALL ARE ONE.