Calendar of Events
encounters- education programming
“Moses looked. The bush was blazing, yet it was not consumed! Then Moses said, ‘I must turn aside and look at this great sight, and see why this bush is not burned up.’  God saw that Moses had turned aside to see, God called to Moses out of the bush, ‘Moses, Moses!’ And Moses said, ‘Here I am.’ Then God said, ‘Come no closer. Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.’ Exodus 3:4-5 (NRSV)

ENCOUNTERS is a vision for MAPC: people of every age, motivating, preparing, and interacting in the nurture of all aspects of personality and ability in a caring community of faith and learning.

Where Do You Encounter God?
Join us before services on Sunday mornings*, 9:45-10:45AM.

*Encounters sessions are held from September to May each year. You can learn the starting and ending dates by phoning the Church Office or by reading the announcements from the bulletin.

Opportunities to Experience God in our Lives.

Age 2 and Under…A loving and nurturing nursery with Ms. Lydia.
Ages 3, 4, & 5……Opportunities to Encounter a sense of belonging in Fingerprints
Grades 1-5………..Centers with a Climate for Encounters in Children’s Encounters
Grades 6, 7, 8……..Opportunities to build upon belonging and identity in TOMA
High School………Opportunities for leadership
Adults…………….Opportunities for spiritual growth in Encounters: Adult Forum

Nursery (2nd floor education wing)
Childcare is provided on Sundays, 9:45am-12:30pm. Ms. Lydia has been Mt. Auburn’s loving and trusted certified childcare provider for many years, and we are grateful for the nurturing environment she has creates for some of our youngest members.

encounters: fingerprints (2nd floor education wing)

Fingerprints provides opportunities to encounter a sense of belonging for children age 3-5. Volunteers work with kids to begin to establish a structure and routine to get them ready for Children's Encounters. In this classroom, participants begin to explore the Bible and participate in fun, developmentally appropriate activities that stretch their imagination and abilities. Fingerprints seeks to lay a foundation for faith for our youngest disciples.

encounters: children's encounters (2nd floor education wing)

Children’s Encounters provides a climate for encountering God for children age 1-8.  Volunteers work with kids to guide them through a curriculum that uses multiple intelligences and is developmentally appropriate. Children’s Encounters helps to build a spiritual foundation built on Jesus’ loving example.

Hear what our kids are saying about Children’s Encounters:

  • “The teachers really support and help you.  They help you learn many new things like the labyrinth.  Mount Auburn and Encounters is an exciting, great thing to do!”
  • “When we sing songs with Patricia, she sings with us. Then it is easier to sing and learn the words. “
  • “The activities are fun to do.  The God’s Eye project and making terrariums were cool.”
  • “It’s really fun having you guys as teachers and working with us.”
  • “I like to color and read the Bible.  I’m a really good artist and had fun making the butterfly puppet.”
  • “Playing musical instruments and singing songs make me feel good.  The art projects are fun and the teachers are very helpful.”
  • “The teachers are nice and the crafts are fun.   When I made a God’s Eye I used popsicle sticks and yarn.  When I studied David, I liked making the BIG timeline.”
adult encounters (geier room)

Why participate?

Participants in Adult Encounters have shared with us why they participate. Join us for a chance to:

  • Exercise spiritual development;
  • Develop a sense of belonging – connect to members and friends in a faith community;
  • Nurture your desire for lifelong learning;
  • Explore the Bible, spirituality, environmental stewardship, and social justice;
  • Provide foundations for understanding the past and making connections to today’s world;
  • Deepen your awareness;
  • Use multiple intelligences; and
  • Enrich Sunday mornings at MAPC.

During our studies, we hope to experience the deep joy, freedom, and peace available in our spiritual quest. Previous studies have included Living Well, Dying Well, Caring Well; Sustainability and exploring nature as a place to encounter God; a Sharing Our Stories series; studying the impact of racism; and learning about the Reformers and Reformed Worship.